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Video Marketing for Social Media

Want to improve your online campaign with a high impact 90 seconds video? At Microfilms, we specialize in creating professional short videos.

Due to the short time available of current customers, we must adapt adapt to the way they consume advertisements today. That's why an effective campaign should be easy to understand, very attractive and able to tell the best of your business in a few seconds.

At Microfilms, we specialize in creating short videos with professional quality graphics, nice characters and motion dynamism, so in 90 seconds your video is able to explain why your service, product or business is the best option for your customers.

An example of this, is what was done for Iterable, an App development company from San Francisco, CA. They wanted to explain in less than 2 minutes the benefits of their new app. The main challenge: To showcase a highly complex app that often takes them too much time to explain. Our job was not only to create a video, but to understand the core of their business, using simple words to explain the best of their product.

Take a look at the work we did for them:

Another example is what we did for the intercultural coach Sundae Schneider. She asked us for a video that was able to empathize with her audience and then invite them to apply to their new online program

We believe that short videos are a great tool for current marketing campaigns to increase the reach of your ideas, products and services.

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